i love hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas, but i love Madonna more. I rented a flat for half a dozen years and just outside the back door was this incredibly large hydrangea which was actually 2 plants that had sort of been growing together over the years, it was a mixture of blue and pink heads, absolutely beautiful it was.

I’ve always loved gardening and I wish I was one of those people who was forever pottering in their garden but I’ve got a ‘more than’ full time job and I do leave the garden to take on it’s own life, but I try my best and I grow things from seed and in summer I like to pop to the garden centre and get new things so the garden has colour.

I’ll always remember the hydrangea that would get comment after comment about how big it was in my Southend-on-Sea flat, however this Madonna thing has really made me giggle cos it’s so amusing that there is such a fuss about what she said under her breath, who cares? I love Madonna and if she doesn’t like hydrangeas then so what, why give a superstar icon a single hydrangea stem, that’s the real weirdness about it, its an old English, old cottage garden type of plant, isn’t it?


One response to “i love hydrangeas

  1. I can take them or leave them but my mum loves them and was so excited last weekend when clearing some of the plot they’re building a house on, came across a hydrangea that had been smothered by brambles & nettles, now she’s just praying my dad doesn’t dig it up!

    As for Madonna, it was an odd choice & that journalist should just be pleased she didn’t say “what the f*** is this?!” 😉

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